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Why Multimedia?

Multimedia Overview

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Multimedia Overview

The Campaign

We help you define your marketing objectives and then develop a detailed strategy to achieve them. Whether your goals are lead generation, client retention, cross selling, customer loyalty, or simply increased volume, we design a cohesive campaign geared to generate improved response and results.

Personalized Print

To engage customers, your marketing message must be personalized, targeted and relevant. At Murphy & Company, personalizing a printed piece is easily accomplished with our digital presses and your customer database. Copy and images can be "switched out" to generate variable data printing targeted to specific individuals' interests.

A Personalized URL (PURL) further personalizes your message-directing your customers to their designated web-landing page where you offer incentives that help you gather relevant information.

Direct Mail

Delivering a well-designed direct mail piece is a proven method of successfully connecting with prospects and customers. With multimedia bar codes, mailings can be tracked by the Post Office, so you know exactly when your piece is delivered. According to recent studies, 67% of respondents enjoy receiving targeted direct mail; it's the oldest and most reliable method of marketing, now made more cost-effective and interactive with web-based tracking tools.

Web Based Interaction

Once the PURL is received via the printed piece, respondents enter the PURL in their browser. This PURL initiates a web-based experience for the prospect. Navigation starts at the Landing Page where the design and key messages of your campaign are reinforced and personalized to invite response.

The prospect then moves to the Survey Page. This page is the most interactive; it's created to qualify the interest level of the respondent and to obtain pertinent data. A well-developed Survey Page engages the prospect and collects data directly related to the campaign's objectives. An Update Profile Page is added to capture missing data and to confirm existing contact information; this verifies that your database information is complete, accurate and up-to-date.

A Thank You page is generated to thank respondents for their time and is the next step in establishing a one-to-one relationship with your company.

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Multimedia allows you to target more customers and prospects with relevant messages and lower costs per acquisition.

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