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Email Campaigns

Emails are used in Multimedia Campaigns as either automated follow-ups to the personalized URL or to initiate an ongoing email-based campaign. They also are used to deliver leads generated during the process.

Email follow-ups further reinforce campaign objectives and continue the personalized interaction. Emails connected to personalized print or online interactions generally stand out and improve reception. These "triggered" (timed) emails demonstrate a company's level of organization and commitment to follow up and provide customer satisfaction. Emails are also cost effective and environmentally conscious.

In multimedia campaigns, emails are also used internally, as lead generators. As customers are receiving emails, lead emails are being automatically generated and delivered to your marketing and sales teams with pertinent up-to-date information. Marketing and sales can connect with customers in real-time, allowing better conversion rates and higher revenues.

Reporting Results

The difference between Murphy Multimedia and other email generators: all campaign results are instantly accessible online. Your company has direct access to all reports through the Campaign Dashboard via a secure password.

Results are viewed in real time. The reports provide valuable information such as who responded and when, answers to survey questions, and graphic charts accurately representing calculated percentages of responses. This reporting system also allows you to calculate the return on investment for your campaign.

SMS Texting

SMS Texting is an immediate and personal means of communication. For some audiences, texting is a great tool for sending reminders, providing pertinent information for time and location of events, and keeping customers well informed of last-minute changes-valuable information to help in decision-making and further connecting customers to your brand. SMS Texting can also be used to inform sales representatives of real-time leads or for a follow-up thank you.

QR Codes

In 1994 the Japanese company Denso-Wave created The QR Code (quick response bar code) to assist in inventory control. Today global QR codes communicate forward thinking and serve as an innovative means to market and generate leads.

With the click of a smart-phone camera, anyone can scan and read a QR code, and anyone with computer access can generate QR codes themselves. These codes are unique in that they contain abundant information. QR codes are often used when ad space is limited, instantly directing viewers to your website or landing page.

Bar Codes

Bar Codes are codes generated to eliminate data entry. They serve most industries and are used for mail tracking, inventory control, sales discounts, and credit/spending tracking.

Although most widely used by retail and grocery stores, many industries are printing bar codes to eliminate the need for data entry at various points of transaction.

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"Well executed Cross Media Marketing campaigns generate a sales lift of 7-34% versus traditional marketing approaches."

Source: Internet Advertising Bureau

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