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Why Multimedia?

Multimedia Overview

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Why Multimedia?

The Internet and increased use of mobile devices, such as smart phones, provide convenient, cost-effective channels to reach customers. Knowing that marketers need more tools to increase return on investment - to spend less, send personalized and targeted messages, and most of all, engage and interact while getting instant customer feedback - we've introduced broad multimedia options to augment our services.

Intelligent, Integrated Tools for Marketers

Our multimedia tools offer an integrated approach to deliver targeted messages to multiple audiences. Using personalized print, personalized URLs (PURLS), web-based landing pages, email campaigns, SMS texting, and QR codes, you reach contacts through their preferred media and provide automatic follow-up for your respondents and sales representatives. Our Campaign Dashboard gives you instant on-line viewing of response results with measured reports in real-time - the most effective tool for decision-making and follow-up.

We help define your marketing objectives and strategies, develop campaigns, and use multimedia to achieve your marketing goals. Working with us, you can target and connect with your audience at the right time, in the right place - from your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Power Your Image with Print Driven Multimedia

  • Increase visibility through use of multiple channels and touch points.
  • Personalize and target print messages to drive customers to interactive web pages.
  • Send immediate follow-ups via email and SMS texting.
  • Accurately track and measure marketing results in real time.
  • Quickly and easily measure return on your investment.
  • Plan more effectively and efficiently according to response rate.
Murphy & Company leverages the latest technologies to help you increase visibility, strengthen communications, and improve your return on investment.

Helping You Succeed

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